Web design & development FAQ

Here are some common questions asked about our web design and development services. If your question is not answered here, why don't you get in contact with us?

Stop talking, I just want a website. How much will it cost?

See our pricing, but the short version is that an all-in package (including a year's hosting, domain registration and minor maintenance) for a static site will cost £400 + VAT. If you require more or less than this, our pricing can differ in either direction. Why don't you get in touch with us to have a chat about it?

What browsers are your sites tested in?

We test our sites in the following browsers:

We don't guarantee that sites will look exactly the same in all these browsers, especially for older versions of browsers (we're not afraid to use features that are only available in recent versions of web browsers), but we try our best to ensure that they are at usable.

I want custom web software but I don't want to lose any of the data from my current software.

No problem; this is something we have done many times for our clients. We can write scripts to convert data from your old database into something that can be read by the new application.

Can you do Tumblr/Posterous/[insert your favourite customisable service here] theming?

Yes, we can, and do. :)

We've made a design in PhotoShop that we need making into a website. Can you do this?

Yup! We most recently did this for MG Training.

We already have a site that we want to transfer to a new host.

We host many, many clients' websites that we have transferred unaltered from other hosting services. We can handle as much or as little of the task of maintaining your website hosted with us. Prices start from just £2/month + VAT. It's best to contact us with your requirements.