Web design and development at sensible prices.

At AJ Computing we have years of experience in designing clean, attractive websites and in developing custom Web-based software for our clients. Our prices start from just £400, hassle-free and all-inclusive. Join our many other clients and get a web presence for your business, your organisation, or yourself.

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Latest projects

Screenshot of Meridian Aspect Consulting

Meridian Aspect Consulting: A small, clean, responsive (mobile-friendly) site for a major project management and consulting firm.

Screenshot of Horsepower

Horsepower:: A motorsports photography gallery, built with a custom static site generator written in Python.

Screenshot of Angelesque

Angelesque: Custom e-commerce software, with an automated import of the old product and customer database from a Zen Cart installation.

Screenshot of 3 Blue.com

3 Blue: Another custom content management system, for a worldwide event marketing company.

Screenshot of greethamrutland.com

Ecotec Filters: A custom content management system and database-backed product catalog for a national supplier of industrial filtration products.

Screenshot of greethamrutland.com

Greetham, Rutland: A custom content management system for the village in Rutland.

Screenshot of Turner Agriculture

Turner Agriculture: Another no-frills static site, including redrawing of a logo from print material into a vector image.

Screenshot of nickhird.com

Nick Hird: the fitness and underwear model. A custom content management system written from scratch.

The Bythams Business Centre

The Bythams Business Centre: a no-frills static site for our new HQ. Typical of the kind of static site mentioned in our pricing.

MG Training Screenshot

MG Training: a custom, from-scratch content management system, shopping cart and online course booking facility. Designed from a Photoshop mockup supplied by the client.

Out of Asia screenshot

Out of Asia: conversion of a site (including importing old product, customers, and order information) from a Satchmo installation into our own in-house Python-based store, while preserving the original look and feel as much as possible.

See pricing details. But not, of course, before reading below some reasons why AJ Computing are the best choice for web design and hosting services in the Stamford, Oakham, Rutland and Lincolnshire areas (and possibly elsewhere, too!):

Hassle-free service

Your input can be as little or as much as you would like. If you prefer you can specify ideas and layouts, or just leave it to us and we will create design mockups for you to approve. Either use your own domain and hosting or we can register a new domain and host your site for you at a very reasonable price. Once your website is up and running, we can take care of content changes for you for a nominal fee.

Competitive pricing

All website work is in-house so there is no middleman to pay for. We do not over-inflate your website in order to over-inflate the prices. With our consultation you will get just the right balance for your business or organisation. See pricing details.

Clean designs

Content is the most important element of a website. Our designs are simple, uncluttered, and generally do a very good job of getting the point across and ensuring good search engine rankings -- without sacrificing design prettiness.


Not every user uses the major Web browsers, and many cannot (or do not want to) install plugins. Consequently, we test our sites on several browsers on several operating systems to ensure that our customers can reach the maximum possible number of visitors. See the browser support entry in our FAQ.

Logo design

For those with an existing logo in low resolution (or ones only available in print material), we are able to redraw infinitely high resolution versions of the logo from your samples. We don't design logos from scratch ourselves; we leave that to our friends at The Logo Company, who can take care of it at an entirely reasonable price.

Custom programming

To save you time in maintenance, we often write our own custom software to ease the burden of maintaining large amounts of data. See our quarter-mile times page for an example of the little programs which can save you lot of work. More serious examples of our work underpins two major national restaurant chains, where we have created an on-line system which manages their training courses, handling booking onto courses, training expiry dates, and many other functions. We can create custom booking systems for hotels, campsites, restaurants, and so on.


There are many shopping cart/e-commerce solutions available. We can work with clients to make changes to their current website, transfer data to one shopping cart software to another (including scripts to automate all data including order history and product information). We can add the shopping cart software of your choice to your existing website or start from scratch with a new design.

Our web team have also developed, completely in house, our own e-commerce software - a lightweight, fast, highly customisable, cost effective and easy to use alternative. Contact us for more information.