Linux support, sales, and migration

Ubuntu logo on an Acer Aspire One A110

Linux is an operating system (think an alternative to Microsoft Windows) developed largely by volunteers, with an enormous range of free software available for it, and which we fully support. The Linux advantage means:

Linux support

While it has traditionally had a reputation for being hard to use, Linux has come leaps and bounds in the last half-decade or so in terms of usability and hardware support. There is also a whole wealth of free support options such as forums, mailing lists and so on.

Nevertheless, for the same reason our many clients don't want to support their Windows installations themselves, you might want a guaranteed, paid-for support service for their Linux systems. At AJ Computing, we can handle that for you, whether that means one-time call-outs or long term support contracts. Contact us to discuss your requirements (or in an emergency).

Linux migration

Many businesses and individuals have at least heard of the Linux option, and find the combination of renowned, industrial-strength reliability and low-to-free cost (especially the lack of per-seat licensing). We can advise you on hardware support and how to migrate your existing data from other systems. A few scenarios:

Linux PCs, servers and laptops

Some of the options which AJ Computing can supply, install and support:

Contact us with your requirements.

Linux netbook support

Yes, we support Linux netbooks too! Netbooks - which are simply small portable laptops designed primarily for wireless communication and access to the internet - are becoming very popular. Many manufacturers install Linux on these laptops to reduce costs (and because Linux has the advantage of running faster on the lesser spec machines). The downside is that not everyone is familiar with troubleshooting the few common Linux problems, with which we can help you. We can also teach you the basics of using the operating system, installing software, and so on.

(A common problem is that some suppliers say that the "Linux operating system is not compatible with mobile broadband dongles.". This is not so (even if it is tricky to get them to work), but many people will give up that point thinking there is no way forward to get their broadband 3G/GSM dongle to work. Instead, contact us and we can resolve the problem for you.)