¼ mile times

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Times without a name in the second-from-right column have been gathered from the Internet; those with a name are submissions we have received. Power figures are at the flywheel unless otherwise noted.

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Vauxhall Victor19723000+BHP6.407s @ 225.88MPHAndy FrostStreet trim
Nissan Skyline R33 GTR?1,100BHP8.27s @ 167mph 
Land Rover Series I?800BHP8.57 @ 156MPH?
Volvo 140 B20595BHP (crank)9.151sJens Gustavsson
Opel Astra Superboss (C20XE, FWD)?1000BHP (on methanol)9.54s @ 157 MPHNasen Padayachee
3 Window Coupe Altered1934900BHP9.9sMotorPyschoSpinning the tyres, car going 45 degrees to the wall/centreline through 1st into 2nd until about 330ft out
Vauxhall Tigra (on slicks)10.5s @ 137MPHspecky tigra
Vauxhall Corsa B1998626BHP10.6s @133mphBen Bigron@migweb
MGB GT + 4.6 Rover V81975?10.66s @ 126.51MPHMGBV8@retroridesCrappy rear axle limits me
Vauxhall Astra Mk2 8v turbo??10.96s @ 127.37MPHRobert (jay) Johnston8v engine, no gas
VW Beetle1956300BHP10.98sTasha Garcia
Nissan Pulsar GTiR1993?11.1s @ 130MPHLuwi RobertsSlipping clutch
McLaren F11994627BHP11.1s 
Vauxhall Tigra 8v turbo11.21s @ 126MPHSam Bolton8v, no gas
Ford Escort RS Turbo1989400BHP+11.3sGraham McClung16-year-old driver
Vauxhall tigra2000505bhp at flywheel11.32s @ 136mphspeckystill on road legal tyres.
Vauxhall Nova 1.2 L1984270BHP (est)11.334s @ 128.85MPHBodydropIt's a Nova
Mazda 323 GTAe1988296kws (wheels)11.35s @ 120MPHChris BurrettWas winter and track was slippery so couldn't run full boost
Vauxhall Astra van (LET engine, 15psi boost, slicks)380ish BHP11.5s @ 122 MPHwkd astra van@migweb
Vauxhall Astra Mk2 8v Turbo1991?11.7s @ 117MPHRobert (Jay) Johnston
Vauxhall Tigra1999?11.7s @ 139MPHtigra mikNo grip.
Vauxhall Nova280-300 BHP (est)11.8s @ 120 MPHFenny/BrowneySlippy clutch
Ford Escort Cosworth1996500+ BHP11.9s @ 118 MPHMook
Vauxhall Nova1991380BHP (est)11.91s @ 125MPHGavStill on road legal tyres
Subaru Impreza P12000407BHP11.97s @ 122MPHChris@girlsnmotors
Toyota Celica?550BHP (wheels)12sSmaay@6gc
Vauxhall Astra Mk2 Turbo1990400BHP (approx)12.1s @ 126MPHRobert Twitchell@migweb
Vauxhall Corsa 1.4Ls1993400+12.2s @ 123mphPhil SuttonCant drive, gay ECU and clutch
TVR Chimaera 4501998320BHP12.22s @ 113.33MPHDerek Beck:Not enough gas
Vauxhall Corsa 1.5TD1993300BHP (ish)12.27s @ 114.24MPHGAZ`DFat driver
Porsche 911 Turbo2000414BHP12.3s 
Vauxhall Nova1992300BHP (approx)12.3s @ 116MPHChris Sutton@migweb
Vauxhall Corsa Turbo1994260BHP12.3s @ 116MPHFenny6" crack in the exhaust manifold
J-Tin Soarer1988480BHP12.32s @ 124MPHDeclanStock drift set up, my first ever drag run too
Vauxhall Nova 1.01989194.5BHP12.4s @ 112MPHRobert Bujan-VarelaElvington
Nissan Skyline GTS-T R33??12.4s @ 117MPHharris66
Nissan Pulsar GTiR RB1992262BHP12.43s @ 109.86MPHFast Guy
Vauxhall Nova 2.5 V61992200BHP12.45s @ 115MPHDavid Dixon
Datsun 240Z1973300BHP12.453s @ 111.7MPHSteve Kiddell33 years old (car not driver)
Chevelle SS1979450+BHP12.49sAceWeighs about 3 tons
Mazda RX71992?12.5s @ 118MPHpetesonfire @ Relentless RacingFirst time up the strip after 3 weeks of owning the car
Volkswagen Beetle 1300s197312.5s @ 109MPHmason@retroridesStock box, tyres
Vauxhall Nova1991300+BHP12.5s @ 123.7MPHA. DuthieNo grip in 1st and 2nd, only 14psi boost, more to come?
Vauxhall Astra Mk31994385+12.57s @ 126MPHFennyMisfire @ 1.4 bar. First outing.
Nissan Skyline R32?434BHP12.589s @ 109.97MPHobserver@migwebStandard clutch
Nissan Skyline GTR1991401BHP12.591s @ 109.97MPHEndless Sport
Vauxhall Nova turbo1990280 BHP12.60s @ 119MPHPaul RRoad tyres
Ford Cortina Mk21968290BHP (est)12.60s @ 110MPHV8IanTired engine
Honda Civic EG1994218 BHP12.61s @ 111MPHScott RenoufNeed more power
Honda CRX1991250BHP12.70s @ 112MPHDaz HonourMinor bog off the line, on road tyres.
Vauxhall Astra Mk3360BHP (est)12.71s @ 115MPHWill Mclaughlin
Ford Cortina Mk3 van (331ci V8)1972?12.73s @ 113MPHnightmaresracingBogged off the line, no setup, base map
Ford Sierra Sapphire Cosworth 2wd1988341BHP12.75sMatt Palmer@eoe
Vauxhall Nova Turbo1991289BHP (279.ft.lb torque)12.8s @ 117 mphAllan D13psi of boost, fuel pump crap, running lean
Subaru Impreza STi2003380ish12.8s @ 109MPHMark ShawBad Launch, back end full of luggage
V8 Reliant Kitten135BHP (approx)12.81sBeardmore Bros
Ford Sierra Sapphire 4x4 Cosworth1990340BHP12.82s @ 109MPHSmit@eoe
Rover Coupe Turbo1994330-340BHP (est)12.88s @ 113.9MPHRoss2psi boost less than it should be running
Vauxhall Nova Merit 4M21990400BHP (est)12.9s @ 103MPHChipCaught Fire before the 1/8th
Mitsubishi lancer evolution v1999340BHP ish12.90s @107.02MPHDan Wilemanfull road spec with tool box in boot
Nissan Pulsar GTiR1993317BHP12.97s @ 107.88MPHScott Renouf@nissangtir
Toyota Celica GT-Four1994366.7BHP12.9831s @ 110.03MPHAlex Collard
Capri 3.0L Turbo1983397HP13s @ 115mphPeter @ Relentless RacingI'm crap at drag racing
Ford Cortina Mk2 (5.0 V8)1972350BHP13.002s @ 113MPHMark HolmesLots of wheelspin, fuel pump packed up at about 1000ft
VW Golf GTI Mk31997185BHP (est)13.006s @ 112MPHAntShitty chipped/cammed GTI engine
Nissan Pulsar GTiR1993285BHP13.03s @ 102MPHTom
Vauxhall Nova turbo1992280BHP13.04s @ 111MPHMark BeesonClutch slip
Vauxhall Nova (standard XE, 100-shot nitrous)150BHP13.051sjonlem@migweb
Subaru Impreza WRX2000280BHP13.07s @ 102MPHJohn@girlsnmotors
Honda Civic EG1994230BHP13.1s @ 107mphScott RenoufRoad tyres
Vauxhall Astra GTE199113.1slaney
Ford Sierra Sapphire Cosworth 2wd1989?13.121s @ 107MPHxrcrazy@eoeI'll be in the 12's next time...
Vauxhall Vectra V61997276 bhp (before supercharger)13.2s @ 107MPHDarren
Subaru Impreza P12000320BHP13.2s @ 112MPHKP@girlsnmotorsBBQ'ed clutch
Toyota MR2 Turbo (rev 3)1994278BHP13.21s @ 103.89MPHZak Godsell@migweb
Vauxhall Nova, 2.0 16v, NOS?150BHP + NOS13.3s @ 109.8mphChip@migweb
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI GSR1999276BHP13.3s 
Subaru Impreza WRX STi1998280BHP13.3s 
Subaru Impreza Type R1999316bhp13.30s @ 107MPHMarkI cant drive!
Astra GTE16v Champion Turbo1990250+bhp13.3s @ 110MPHBazWnone
Vauxhall Astra GTE 16v1989205BHP13.31556s @ 106.1mphZak Godsell@migwebToo much power for FWD
Datsun 160B (SR20DET powered)1976About 260-270bhp at a guess13.32 @ 106.44mphEd RattleyStock rear suspension, no grip
Toyota Celica GT4 ST2051995300BHP (approx)13.336s @ 104.88MPHDave B@girlsnmotors
Vauxhall Astra GTE 16v1990296BHP13.4 @ 114mphKev ReadPaddle clutch, 3rd gear sucks, craptang front tyres, just had massive dinner
Vauxhall Astra coupe2003280BHP13.4s @ 106MPHAsh T@migwebCan't launch it
Vauxhall Nova1993185BHP13.4s @ 105MPHOllyHewitt@migweb
Subaru Impreza WRX2002280BHP (approx)13.405s @ 101.54MPHNick B@girlsnmotorsGetting used to new turbo
Corsa 1.0 12v Sting (LET engine)199713.4056s @ 108.19MPHColin BennettFirst go
Rover Coupe Turbo FWD?330BHP (approx)13.42s @ 107MPHtomcat@eoeSlipping clutch, run without nitrous
Vauxhall Astra Mk3 van199613.5s @ 107MPHwestyvan1 @ migwebRoad tyres with no grip and back full of unwanted weight
Vauxhall Corsa LET1993200BHP (ish)13.5s @ 107MPHTiberius JonesStandard ECU
Vauxhall Nova GSi Turbo1992280BHP (est)13.53s @ 107MPHS WilliamsSlipping clutch and misfire
Vauxhall Astra Mk2 base model1985260 BHP13.6sastradaryl @ astra-mk2Broke a engine mount on the run
Vauxhall Mk1 Astra GTE (C20LET)1983320BHP13.6sDelmastiffBurst boost pipe, should have been in the 12s
Vauxhall Astra MkII Cabriolet, 2.0 16v turbo1989261BHP13.6s @ 106.69mphSteve Toy
Vauxhall Astra GTE 16V Turbo1989292 BHP, 444 NM torque13.6sMitchNeed a Quaiffe differential
Toyota Celica GT41996280BHP (approx)13.6s @ 101MPHDitchHit fuel cut!
Toyota Celica GT1994307 bhp (wheel)13.6s @ 108MPHManny & Jenn
Vauxhall Nova XE1992150BHP + 75BHP NOS13.69s @ 108MPHNick Brown@migweb
Vauxhall Astra van (C20LET)13.7swkd astra van@migweb
Astra GTE Champion Turbo1990321BHP13.7s @ 107MPHJason WattsToo much wheelspin, hard tyres, nancy start
Astra GSi MkIII, C20LETN reg?13.7s @ 101MPHOrkid@migwebDodgy coil lead
Ford Sierra, Rover V8, NOS1982?13.7s @ 108MPH 
Vauxhall Vectra (C20LET)199813.7s @ 107MPHdeek@migweb
Vauxhall Nova 2L1992156bhp13.72s @ 99mphSaloon_kiwi @ Relentless RacingNone, was very happy with that :D
Lotus Elise Mk22001170BHP13.72s @ 98MPHRobert Bidwell
Nissan Pulsar GTir1994270-300BHP13.73s @ 101.52MPHDarren RichardsonHad to stop for a herd of elephants
Vauxhall Corsa Club XE2000207BHP13.73s @ 102mphDave BinnsNone
Astra GTE Turbo1990260BHP ish13.75s @ 104.67MPHSipo
Volkswagen Golf Mk2 VR6 + ABT chip13.776s @ 105.78MPH Madagascar, 2000ft altitude
Vauxhall Nova 2L1990170BHP (est)13.8s @ 101MPHcurson24@migwebNo traction in 1st and 2nd
Vauxhall Nova, LET engine?13.8s @ 107MPHjonlem@migweb
Volkswagen Golf Mk21988270 (at flywheel)13.8s @ 107mphDizzy @ Relentless RacingI've only ever been up the strip 3 times and my 13.8 was the quickest of the day :)
Vauxhall Nova, 16v XE engine1991200BHP13.819s @ 103MPHChris T@migweb
Vauxhall Corsa 2.0 16v Turbo1993230BHP13.83s @ 101.17mphCavyturbo@migwebWheelspin
Vauxhall Nova1992169BHP13.853s @ 99MPHdhdev@migweb
Vauxhall Vectra Arctic1998?13.866s @ 104MPHDavid NorvilleFirst ever attempt
Vauxhall Astra Coupe Turbo2000267BHP13.867s @ 102.08MPHAshley TalbotStrong head wind (25th march)
Vauxhall Calibra 4x4 Turbo1996280BHP (est)13.89sChavtasticRun before rebuild, should see mid-13 after
Vauxhall Astra GTE 16v1990230BHP13.890s @ 102.71MPHMike Warner@migwebNo turbo or nitrous!
Cupra R2004300BHP (approx)13.89s @ 105MPHScott@girlsnmotorsCrap exhaust
Vauxhall Calibra??13.897s @ 81.36MPHobserver@migwebMisfire
Astra Mk4 GSi Turbo2003289bhp13.9sDarrenWheel spinning 1st and 2nd gear, full interior
Reliant Kitten van, Suzuki V-twin engine?125BHP13.9s @ 91MPHFroggyShort geared for the 1/4 mile (but the 0-60 is under 4seconds now), should be 13s with gas
Vauxhall Astra Belmont 2.5 V61986203 BHP13.9s @ 103MPHDaryl (belmont_dazz)@astra-mk2Standardish engine
Astra GTE Turbo (with 1.4 badge).1991.280BHP13.9s @ 106MPHDan GliballsRoasting hot day, never done it before in my life, skinny 195 tyres, I weighed over 16 stone.
Astra GTE Mk II, 3.0 V6 conversion1988220-230BHP (approx)13.907s @ 100.66MPHDan
Nissan Skyline R33 GTS-t M-spec1996330-350BHP (approx)13.91s @ 101.2MPHRick Duncan@girlsnmotorsHot day, weighed down
Vauxhall Cavalier FWD turbo1994263BHP + 50 nitrous13.92s @ 110MPHBryan JamesNo grip and no 4wd
Ford Ka 2.0 ZVH, T3 Turbo1997180BHP @ wheels13.98s @ 99MPHPhil
Toyota Celica GT4 ST2051994275BHP13.991 @ 96.7MPHAJ
Super Woo (Daewoo Nexia fitted with C20 LET)1996Dunno?14.01@103mphSuper Woo@astra-mk2185/55/14 tyres and standard suspension.
Nissan Skyline R32??14.01s @ 102MPHharris66Other half's car, not allowed to thrash it
Skoda Fabia vRS diesel250BHP (430lb/ft torque)14.065s @ 99.7MPHLukeToo much power for tyres
Vauxhall Nova, C16XE engine1992150BHP (approx) @ wheels14.065s @ 101.92MPHMiles@migwebI'm fat
Astra GTE 16v1988220BHP14.096s0ddballNo gas, no boost
Toyota MR2 Turbo1994242BHP14.1sDid
Astra GTE Champion Turbo1990300BHP (est)14.1s @ 100.64 MPHRonin1st time down the strip, people at the lights were stupid, boot full of ICE, I need to work on my starts, needed a shit (and the bogs looked nasty)
Vauxhall Corsa GSi1993190BHP (est)14.1s @ 99MPHTomShagged F20
Vauxhall Calibra Turbo1992240BHP (approx)14.116s @ 101.04MPHBicco@migwebCar not set up
Audi S32000265BHP14.13 @ 96.49MPHSi Sagarweighs 1.5 tonnes
Astra GTE LET1989Standard14.1971s @ 98.63MPHLiamStill running it in gently
Ford Escort 1.3 Bonus (1.7 EFi Turbo engine)1989230BHP14.2sSi/captainwowFirst time, spins like a barsteward
Morris Minor van1957240BHP14.2sMitch@retroridesOwner is old
Vauxhall Astra Mk2 8v turbo1991200+ BHP14.2sJayFirst time, paddle clutch
Subura Impreza Turbo1998208BHP14.2s 
Vauxhall Calibra Turbo1994280BHP14.228s @ 102.01mphChrisB@migwebFront wheel drive
Honda CRX Turbo230bhp @ 7psi14.24s @ 100mphDan
Rover Coupe Turbo1994235BHP14.26s @ 101.4MPHRoss Dickson@migwebEngine semi-humped
Nova 1.2 Flair XE199214.27s @ 99MPHLee HaslamNone
Opel Kadett E C20XE1990156BHP14.3sCartech Auto
Vauxhall Astra GTE 16V1989200ish14.3s @ 100MPHGary (astrator)@astra-mk2
Porsche Boxster S1999252BHP14.3s 
Vauxhall Nova LET1991204BHP (approx)14.33s @ 96.4MPHBarry@migwebHot day, boost problem
Vauxhall Nova 1.6 8v (T40)1989140BHP14.343s @ 95.5MPHDan_R@migwebRan on road trim
Vauxhall Nova 2.0 16v1991170BHP (est)14.366s @ 97 MPHPhil Sutton
Volkswagen Golf GTi Golf 20VT1981170BHP (approx)14.37smrpurple@clubgtiNone needed!
Vauxhall Corsa1993160BHP (est)14.4s @ 95MPHnick@migwebToo hot
Volkswagen Beetle1970400BHP14.4s @ 84.7MPHHvwcIt's electric! (And I couldn't get the power down)
Lotus Elise1996118BHP14.4s 
Morris Minor187BHP @ flywheel14.444s @ 94MPHBeardmore BrosInto the wind
Lada 2108 2.0 16V1987170bhp14.49s @ 98.35mphGeorgeGGBad slipping tyres, overweight + 50kg
Daewoo Cielo (2.0 Coscast XE)156BHP14.49s @ 94MPHIvan Galea
Mini Clubman Turbo1978168BHP14.5s @ 96MPHTone@eoe165/70/10 road tyres
Mazda RX-7300BHP (approx)14.5s @ 91mphShyne@girlsnmotorsPoor start, poor I/C flow
Vauxhall Astra GTE turbo1989Standard C20LET14.5198s @ 98.8MPHRyanF16 close ratio box, car full of tools/sub/amp/few spares
MG Maestro Turbo1989210BHP14.54s @ 97mphGareth@Borocruisers
Volkswagen Polo 1.3 G401991230bhp14.58s @ 104MPHChris DurnellCharger belts kept slipping, water injection not working properly
Astra GTE 16v Turbo1991207BHP, 225 lb/ft torque14.6s @98MPHJags' GrinmakerAn improvement over my last go!
Vauxhall Nova, XE engine171BHP14.6s @ 96MPHjonlem@migweb
Vauxhall Calibra Turbo 4x41992201BHP14.6s 
Vauxhall Calibra V61995250BHP (est)14.61s @ 100MPHBicco@migwebNo grip
Vauxhall Cavalier 3.0 V61995210BHP (est)14.61s @ 95MPHiancav6
Vauxhall Corsa C20XE1995150BHP (est)14.69s @ 96MPHTiberius JonesStandard XE
Vauxhall Astra GTE 3.0 V61989/1997200BHP (est)14.698s @ 91MPHMark T@migwebFirst time, poor 4th shift
Ford Anglia van1966136BHP (+25 nitrous oxide)14.7s @ 93MPHAnglia66
Vauxhall Nova Merit saloon1989130BHP14.7s @ 98MPHbodydropRusty bonnet, and its a Nova
Lancia Delta HF Integrale1992210BHP14.7s 
Morris Minor 3.9 V81955190hp14.7s @ 96MPHPeteCar had slightly blowing head gasket(s) and had to be fully cooled down to get this time, wheelspin
Vauxhall Corsa (2.0 XE)1993155BHP14.76s @ 94.8MPHtomgsi@migweb
Ford Sierra RS Cosworth1987201BHP14.8s 
Vauxhall VX2202000145BHP14.8s 
Vauxhall Astra GTE 16v (Pontiac Lemans)1988172+BHP14.81s @ 94MPHEfrain Arias
Vauxhall Astra GTE1991160BHP (approx)14.82s @ 96.4MPHEd@migweb
Vauxhall Astra Coupe Turbo2003210BHP14.86s @ 95MPHTurbo_Scott@girlsnmotors
Vauxhall Calibra 4x4 Turbo1993205BHP (est)14.876s @ 88.84MPHDave Vlcek@migwebStandard car
Renault Clio 16v?145bhp (max)14.9s @ 98MPHMatt
Vauxhall Astra Mk31993149BHP14.9s @ 93MPHOllyHewitt@migweb
Ford Mustang1975220BHP (ish)14.9s @92mphBen/polodraginMany
Ford Fiesta XR2i Turbo1990173BHP14.9sDid
Vauxhall Tigra 1.6 turbo245BHP14.9sTigraTurbo@migwebRunning too rich
Ford Escort RS Cosworth1993227BHP14.9s 
Rover 220i Turbo Coupe1994197BHP14.9s 
Porsche Boxster 2.71999220BHP14.9s 
Vauxhall Astra GTE 16v1990156BHP14.9s @ 93mphJohn WarrenerStandard, full interior
Daewoo Racer STi (C20XE)1993162BHP15s @ 98MPHEfrain Arias2.3s 60ft with semi-slicks
Ford Escort Cosworth1994224BHP15s 
Nissan 200 SX Turbo1994197BHP15s 
Renault Sport Clio 16v1999166BHP15s 
Golf GTI1999200BHP (est)15.001sPete Crossnone
Peugeot 205 GTi turbodiesel1991150BHP15.001sChris FishburnNeeded a bigger cooler to run more boost
Vauxhall Astra GTE1990163BHP15.002s @ 90MPHRobert Twitchell@migwebEngine not well
Vauxhall Nova 1.6144BHP15.01s @ 94mphjonlem@migweb
Rover 220 Turbo Coupe1995229.6BHP15.01s @ 96mphPaul
Vauxhall Calibra Turbo1996294BHP15.06s @ 98.08MPHMatt Hughes@migwebBlown head gasket
Vauxhall Astra GTE 16v1990150BHP15.096s @ 92.78MPHbartrum@migwebAte too many over-priced dog burgers
VW Golf GTI Mk31997185BHP (est)15.096s @ 102MPHVickiFirst time run
Vauxhall Corse SRi 2.0 16v XE1996162BHP15.1svalvercorse@migweb14" wheels, first time on strip
TVR V8S1993180BHP15.1s @ 90mphJoo@girlsnmotorsIt's old
Nissan Sunny GTi-R1992220BHP15.1s 
VW Corrado VR61992190BHP15.1s 
Honda Integra R1997187BHP15.1s 
Vauxhall Astra Mk2 1300 (big-bore, ported head, etc)?128BHP@7900 RPM15.11schampturbomark@migweb
Vauxhall Astra GTE 16v1991170bhp (est)15.12s @ 91.4 MPHNealLeft my back seats and spare wheel in my garage and got a new helix clutch from SBD
Ford Fiesta Mk2 XR21989157BHP15.151s @ 88.78MPHxrscrewed@eoeI needed to take a shit
Audi UR Quattro (standard)1984200BHP15.178s @ 91.3MPHStephen PEngine pinking at high revs. Badly needing a tune
Vauxhall Corsa 2.0 16v?155BHP15.2s @ 96MPHDaimob@fotki.com1.02 tonnes (std is 945kg) inc bodykit
Volkswagen Golf VR61996190BHP (approx)15.2s @ 91mphPaula@girlsnmotorsFemale driver
Vauxhall Astra GTE 16v1989155BHP15.2s @ 91MPHDitch2.4 60ft!! Boo
Renault Clio V62000230BHP15.2s 
VW Golf V6 4Motion1999204BHP15.2s 
Audi Quattro1981200BHP15.2s 
Vauxhall Corsa Sport1996155BHP15.21s @ 91mphDamienNeed more power and less weight
Vauxhall Astra Mk31994150BHP15.252s @ 90mphChris@migweb18" alloys
Vauxhall Astra GTE 16v?165BHP15.3s @ 89.6MPHSipo@astra-mk2Camping gear in boot, slipping clutch, 3/4 tank fuel
Mazda 323 GTX1986148BHP15.3sAlexDidn't want to toast a new clutch
Honda Prelude 2.2i VTEC1994183BHP15.3s 
Nissan 200SX Turbo1992164BHP15.3s 
Fiat Coupe 16v Turbo1994195BHP15.3s 
Vauxhall Cavalier V61995170BHP15.3s @ 91MPHIanCost £500
Datsun 240Z1971198BHP15.34s @ 89.44MPHMike HarrisShould have been running 40s instead of 45s
Daewoo Racer, 2.0 8v C20LZ1993100BHP + 50HP NOS shot15.4s @ 94MPHEfrian Arias
Vauxhall Astra GTE 16v1991164BHP15.4s @ 90MPHJames CI can't get it to go any faster
Vauxhall Cavalier Turbo 4x41992201BHP15.4s 
MG Maestro Turbo1989152BHP15.4s 
Vauxhall Victor FD pickup (Rover V8)197215.4s @ 87MPHPhilFound the slip in the glovebox from 1997
Datsun 100A F-II197759BHP15.42s @ 82.29MPHjohnnysomersettHavent put in the A12 engine and bike carbs on yet.
Volkswagen Golf GTi Mk1?130BHP (at wheels)15.44sPeter GreavesFirst time
Peugeot 106 XSi1995140BHP (est)15.45sNick
Honda Civic 1.6 ESi SOHC VTEC1995125BHP15.46s @ 89.21mphAndy
Vauxhall Belmont C20XE1988153BHP15.5sJustin2 12"subs in boot, cheap shitty tyres
Vauxhall Astra GTE Turbo1989257.7BHP15.5sUntouchableFirst time, full luggage, rubbish driver
BMW 325I Sport1991170BHP (ish)15.52s @ 89MPHV8chevette
Opel Monza GSE1985240BHP15.58sBstardchildFirst time at the Pod
Peugeot 306 GTi-62000167BHP15.6s @ 89MPHChasR@retroridesBottled it in the end
Mini Cooper S Works2004210BHP (approx)15.6s @ 94mphChris@girlsnmotorsHot day, poor starts
Porsche Boxster1997204BHP15.6s 
Vauxhall Astra Coupe Turbo2000187BHP15.6s 
Toyota Celicia 1902000189BHP15.6s 
Peugeot 306 GTi-62000167BHP15.6sChasRPiperCrap cone filter and gentle(ish) on the changes
Audi A315.602s @ 88.39 MPHzak-rs
Lada Riva (Fiat twin-cam)~100BHP15.62sBeardmore Bros
Vauxhall Astra SRi 8v1989Unknown15.68sAlex
Vauxhall Corsa GTE1993/94150BHP15.693s @ 88.2MPHFrazer "Fraz" McLennan@migwebQuote: "eh..... umm.... SHUT UP!"
Vauxhall Corsa Sport 16v1998138BHP15.7sBroster@migwebPVS
VW Golf VR61992174BHP15.7s 
Porsche 944S1987190BHP15.7s 
Vauxhall Astra GTE 16v1987156BHP15.7s 
Vauxhall Calibra 16v1993210BHP (approx)15.735s @ 88.24MPHAdd GeeRunning in 2wd, broken MBC
Audi A315.759s @ 89.8 MPHastonishing-a3
BMW 318i Convertible (2.5 24v engine)1993150BHP15.76s @ 89.99 MPHSteven HoggThe car is very ill
Alfa Romeo 156 V61998190BHP15.8s 
Honda Civic VTi1991158BHP15.8s 
Ford Puma Racing2000153BHP15.8s 
Astra MK3 Estate 2.5V61995170BHP15.8699s @ 88.4mphMark THouse brick aerodynamics and 100kg driver
Vauxhall Astra Arctic V61997172BHP15.89s @ 85.6 mphRick I. GrateFull interior, standard road wheels and tyres, missus in the passenger seat
Honda Accord Type R1998209BHP15.9s 
Vauxhall Astra GSi 16v1991150BHP15.9s 
Saab 900 Turbo Coupe1994185BHP15.9s 
Ford Mondeo ST2001999202BHP15.9s 
Toyota MR2 1.8 VVTi2000138BHP15.9s 
Vauxhall Cavalier Mk2 cabrio (XE engined)1986160BHP15.93s @ 85MPHJason White
Vauxhall Astra GTE 8v1991145BHP15.95s 
Morris Minor75BHP @ 4000RPM (at wheels)15.97s @ 81MPHBeardmore Bros
Nova SR 1.4199295BHP std, 165BHP with gas (approx)16s @ 86.37 MPHCarl Newton@migweb
Nissan Sunny 2.0GTi1992143BHP16s 
Vauxhall Vectra GSi1998195BHP16s 
Rover 200 BRM1998143BHP16s 
Honda CRX VTi1992158BHP16s 
Alfa Romeo 1561997155BHP16s 
Mk2 Escort1979bout 115 at the time16.01Andy BowerNo twin-40s then, 1630cc
Vauxhall Cavalier GSi1991165-170BHP (approx)16.02s @ 86MPHChris@girlsnmotorsCarrying tent, first time
Vauxhall Nova (X16XE)1993115BHP16.04s @ 86.2MPHLLTN @ PNG
Ford Escort RS Cosworth1994381BHP, 380lbft torque16.1@103mphSipo (Simon Poole)@astra-mk2Boy can't drive for s**t and also proved that even vehicles with 4x4 need a level of skill when launching
Volkswagen Golf Mk I198397BHP16.1s @ 94mphSoggy
Ford Fiesta XR2198786BHP16.1sDid
Citroen Saxo VTS1997120BHP16.1s 
Renault Clio Williams1993150BHP16.1s 
Ford Mondeo 24v Ghia1995168BHP16.1s 
Alfa Romeo Alfasud 1.71983102BHP (wheels)16.1 @ 85mphRichard2.7sec 60ft, lack of traction, unprepped track
Nissan Almera GTi1996143BHP16.1s 
BMW 325i 5-door1998185BHP (approx)16.19s @ 87MPHdikky5@girlsnmotorsOld, rusty heap
Ford Fiesta Zetec-S2001120BHP16.2s @ 88MPHJames Malin@girlsnmotors
Audi A3 1.8T Sport1997150BHP16.2s 
Ford Mk1 Escort1971115BHP (guess)16.2sRattersWasn't reving too well, needed a good tune-up, will see 15s
Vauxhall Vectra Super Touring1997195BHP16.2s 
Peugeot 206 GTi1999137BHP16.2s 
Seat Ibiza 1.8 GT 16v1994130BHP16.2s 
Renault Megane Coupe 16v1996150BHP16.2s 
Ford Probe V6 GT1993164BHP16.2s 
Seat Leon GT2000180BHP16.2s 
Ford Escort RS Turbo1987132BHP16.2s 
Daewoo Lanos 1.6 16V1999106+ BHP16.22ssaneoneno rear seats, no passenger seat, no spare wheel, little gas...great time...
Nissan C110 Skyline1973No idea16.3sMichaelStandard, original rear suspension, old tires
Vauxhall Astra GTE 8v1987124BHP16.3s @ 83mphSoggy
Volkswagen Golf GTi1986115BHP16.3sDarren Richardson
Peugeot 306 Ralleye1998167BHP16.3s 
Vauxhall Astra Mk3 Sport1995126.416.362Melv fae MIGwebThe penguins made me!
Peugeot 205 GTi 1.91987130BHP16.4s 
Peugeot 306 GTi-61996167BHP16.4s 
Honda Civic 1.8 Vti1997167BHP16.4s 
Fiat Bravo HGT1997147BHP16.4s 
VW Golf GTi 16v1993150BHP16.4s 
Citroen Xsara VTS Coupe1998167BHP16.4s 
Vauxhall Astra Coupe2000147BHP16.4s 
Ford Escort RS20001991150BHP16.4s 
Vauxhall Astra 2.2 Coupe2001150BHP16.4s @ 88mphClaire TurnerTraction control turned on
Vauxhall Nova GSi 1.6 8v1992105BHP (approx)16.41sAdam@eoe
Vauxhall Nova 1.5 TD1990100BHP (approx)16.482s @ 81.88MPHDan130k miles (sub 16 next year)
Astra GTE 16v1988157bhp16.5sGrahamFirst time, car was full of things, crap tyres, fat
Mercedes-Benz S320?231BHP16.5sMatt Palmer@eoe2.2-tonne bullet-proof-glassed car
Renault Clio Sport 1722000170BHP16.5s 
Ford Mondeo ST241998168BHP16.5s 
Peugeot 106 GTi1997120BHP16.5s 
Vauxhall Calibra V61993167BHP16.5s 
Ford Fiesta RS18001992128BHP16.5s 
Vauxhall Astra SRi1998134BHP16.5s 
Mitsubishi Colt Cyborg ZR2002160 BHP (dynoed)16.531s @ 83.75MPHColin ManningOriginally a Mirage, strong down winds.
Porsche 924 Turbo?150BHP16.6sturbokittenOld hard tyres, blowing exhaust manifold
Chrysler Charger (Australian)1972240BHP16.6smitch@retroridesTired car, no second gear
Ford Cougar V61998168BHP16.6s 
Nissan Primera GT1997150BHP16.6s 
VW Golf V51997150BHP16.6s 
Peugeo t106 Rallye1998103BHP16.6s 
Fiat Barchetta1998130BHP16.6s 
MGF 1.8i1995118BHP16.6s 
Ford Focus 1.82003130-150BHP16.6sTigranCrap tyres
Vauxhall Calibra 16v1993150BHP (approx)16.637s @ 83MPHMartin Clapham@migwebF16WR Box, first time out.
Vauxhall Nova SR 1.41992113BHP16.655s @ 84.45MPHJohn FlemingNeeds better suspension, tyres, stripping out. Second time up strip
Vauxhall Astra GTE 8v1991?16.7sTony KNeed more grip
Ford Puma1997123BHP16.7s 
Renault Clio 16v1991137BHP16.7s 
Ford Escort XR3i1992128BHP16.7s 
Ford Cortina Mk3 Estate (331ci V8)197316.73s @ 94MPHnightmaresracingWheelspin, stock open diff, skinny low profile tires
Citroen Ax GTi199290-100bhp16.8sTim/SkinnylewOld clutch, old tyres, first time
Ford Capri 3.0 Ghia1979130BHP (?)16.8sChristian/bruisercapriStock engine, bent pushrod
VW Golf GTi 1.8T SE1997150BHP16.8s 
Volvo 460 Turbo1990120 BHP (allegedly)16.8s @ 79MPHDugong / Watanabe@retroridesBlowing exhaust, knackered rear shocks and a gubbed engine mount. Beat a Mk2 Golf GTI 8v by half a car length.
Peugeot Phase 2 405 MI161993155.4BHP16.9sChris FishburnIt's a family barge
Seat Ibiza Cupra Sport 16v1997150BHP16.9s 
VW Golf Gti MK11981110BHP16.9s 
Audi A6 1.9 TDI2002130BHP16.998sGoldo@eoeNo mods, diesel
Ford Anglia1967120BHP17.05s @ 85MPHJonny69Loads of them
VW Scirocco Storm1984112bhp17.1sChris Appleton23 year old car, stock
Chrysler Fifth Avenue1986none evident17.2s @ 72 MPHAlistairIts a Chrysler Fifth Avenue
Peugeot 106 Quiksilver199975BHP17.4sKrazyKev1.4 8v
Ford Sierra 2.0 DOHC1990110BHP (new, probably about 40BHP now)17.8s @ 75mphJack ToplissThe car's been drifted for 2 years and revved off the clock a few times
Vauxhall Corsa SRi199489BHP17.8sDidCorsa... nuff said.
VW Beetle Wizard Roadster197165BHP (est)17.94sMikeFiller-laden bag of shite
Seat Ibiza 1.4 8v1995A small hamster18sLiam HolcroftBedsheets and stella in the boot, would have got sub 10 otherwise
VW Polo GTi2000125BHP18s 
Ford Escort Mk4 RS Turbo Cabriolet1988150BHP18szak-rs @ Relentless RacingFirst time up strip only running at 9psi not full 12 and was granny shifting :(.
Volkswagen Transporter T5 van2004174PS18.13sMick GoddardTools in the back, forgot to tuck me mirrors in, wheelspin, nasty headwind
Ford Fiesta 1.1L198353BHP18.7 @ 70.9MPHSam TaitWon't go any quicker
Ford Cortina GT196678BHP19.1sJim OwenTotally standard, old engine
Toyota Celica197819.28scarlb1970@retroridesIt's old
Rover 75 CDT on homebrew biodiesel??19.39s @ 71.03MPHGraham Laming145000 miles on the clock, leaking turbo oil seals, towbar, mudflaps etc
Peugeot 106 1.5D199660BHP19.5sMondyJimboDo you need to ask?
Fiat Panda199450BHP (when new)20.3spandaselecta@retroridesStandard apart from a Pipercross filter
Mini Ritz198545BHP ish22sTim H1.0 litre
Vauxhall Astra LS 1.4 8v199571BHP22.08s @ 61.34MPHAndrew AllwrightRoad spec + 1/4 virgin at the wheel + poo engine + 17s
VW Type 3 Fastback197360BHP22.2sChris AppletonTotally stock, boot full of camping gear and bottles of water!